Haskell Study With Alejandro

Haskell Study With Alejandro

24 Jul 2020 - Haskell Amsterdam

Starting this August Haskell.amsterdam will be organizing a four-month-long study group of Practical Haskell: A Real World Guide to Programming by Alejandro Serrano Mena (from 47 Degrees Academy).

The study group will be in collaboration with Alejandro, the author of the book. This means we will have the opportunity to ask him questions as we go through the book.

Also thanks to Alejandro, the book will be available at a discounted price for those joining the study group.

How it works

Show interest
If you want to join the study group then indicate by filling the signup form. Registration will be open till Thursday July 30th. Friday, August 7th (a week after the kickoff). Registration now closed. Drop your details in the waiting list form, to be notified of the next cohort

Receive voucher
Receive the voucher to get the book: Practical Haskell: A Real World Guide to Programming at a discounted price.

Receive Discord invitation
Once you are accepted to the study group, you will be added to Discord channel which will be used throughout the study group

Study and discussion
Read the chapters, and if you have any questions, discuss it with other people on Discord. Hopefully, with this, we will be able to help each other through the book

Submit unresolved questions for Alejandro
If there are any unresolved questions, these would be submitted to Alejandro.

Join Zoom sessions with Alejandro
Alejandro will also be part of the Discord channel, but he won’t be available all the time, but every 4th week (last Friday of each month), he will give a session where he addresses the question submitted and some other themes he observes from the chat.

Proposed Schedule